Yotsubato! Volume Two
Reading Pack

About the Reading Pack:

Continuing from where the first Yotsubato! reading pack left off, this pack covers the entirety of the second volume of the manga. Learning how to read and have fun through immersion is the best way to learn Japanese, and the purpose of this pack is to help you to take those first steps into reading.

This reading pack will help you to build a strong foundation in Japanese that will allow you to enjoy the language as you learn. After using the reading packs, you'll have the skills needed to learn through immersion on your own.

Here's a list of what is included in the pack:

The Vocabulary List:

Normally learning to read Japanese requires a lot of searching through dictionaries to decipher each and every word, which is why the vocabulary list makes reading so much easier. Every word on every page of the manga has been listed with kanji, pronunciation, and definition (in English). Simply keep the vocabulary list nearby as you read and you can easily look up any words that you don't know. You'll never have to dig through a dictionary!

Vocabulary List

The Sentences:

Just like the vocabulary list, each sentence included in the reading pack is from the manga. These are solid sentences that will really help you with both grammar and vocabulary. Just load the sentences into Anki after you've had some time to learn the vocabulary to get practice with words in context.

Vocabulary List

Anki Decks:

All of the sentences and vocabulary for the first volume of the manga have been pre-loaded into Anki decks, so all you have to do is import. There are more than 800 cards in total! By combining these decks with the vocabulary reference list, you'll not only be able to read the manga, but learn and remember all of the words that you encounter along the way.

How to buy the reading pack:

This reading pack was originally offered in a name-your-own-price system that allowed you to pay any amount (including nothing at all), but is now shifting to a fixed price of $10.00. However, you can still receive the reading pack completely for free if you so choose.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would purchase the Yotsubato! Volume Two Reading Pack for $10.00, and you can click the Add to Cart button below to do so.

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If for whatever reason you're unable to purchase for $10.00, then use the link below to get the reading pack for free. If you get it for free, please smile at a stranger, pet a puppy, or do something else to "pay it forward."

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Note: Files come in both document and PDF formats, packaged inside of a RAR file.
To open the RAR, you may need to download WinRAR (you can google or try this download).

Don't own the Yotsubato! manga?

In order to use this reading pack, you need the manga. It's a very popular series and can be found at almost any retailer that carries Japanese books, but here are links to a couple stores that have it in stock.


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Yotsubato! Reading Pack

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