Free Japanese Video Lessons:
日本語の森 Nihongonomori

Self-study of Japanese is difficult if you don't have anything to help you learn, so here's another free learning resource. This one is especially useful for those of you that don't have the option of taking a Japanese language class. Nihongonomori is a YouTube channel dedicated to free lessons on Japanese. The lessons are divided up into the different JLPT levels (N5 to N1).

Here's a link to their channel. You can also see an introduction video below.

The great thing about these lessons is the amount of Japanese used in them. Even if you're not interested in learning the grammar points covered, you can still listen to the lesson and just try to follow along.

There is more English used in the lower levels, but at higher levels you'll be learning Japanese using Japanese. It's exactly how a Japanese lesson SHOULD be carried out, and it will work your knowledge of the language thoroughly.

In addition to the core JLPT-level lessons, there are also shorter series based on various topics. Some of these cover more advanced topics or conversational Japanese. They would be a good supplement once you've covered more of the JLPT content or if you're already pretty far along.

If you're wanting a break from reading and learning on your own, take advantage of these videos to practice your listening and learn/review grammar.

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